Every year, 13-15.000 children are born with congenital heart disease in Turkey. Çınar, 6, is one of them.

What makes him unique is his extraordinary imagination. During his examinations, Çınar thinks the heartbeat sound the ECO machine makes resemble the sound of galloping animals. Plus, he thinks the artery, that goes up from his heart,
is a giant giraffe. With each time a different animal, Çınar, eventually, has ended up with a grand zoo inside. 

We have been majorly inspired by Çınar's imagination to draw attention for congenital heart diseases in Turkey. We brought the animals that have been living inside Çınar's heart to reality with illustration. And finally, all the animals inevitably became a part of an animation movie with a voice over depiction by none other than Çınar. An animation movie to remind us all the significance of our hearts and the power of a child's imagination.

2018 Kristal Elma 
Digital, Social Media and Activation / Social Responsibility Campaign – Silver Prize 

2018 Felis Awards  
Health / Social Awareness – Success Prize
Mastership in Production / Illustration – Success Prize

2017 DPID
Best Technology Usage - Silver
Launch Activities - Golden
Young Jury Award

Client : Philips
Agency : Pure New Media
Animation : Platform64 Design Studio

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